There’s a quote I really like: “It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like.  It’s another thing to make  portrait of who they are.”  It’s why I love making images and it’s what I set out to do on every shoot.  I want to tell a story – the story of who we are – through pictures.

Originally from Connecticut, central Ohio has been my home since 1996.  Our family has grown quickly and it’s a reminder of how fast time goes by.  It was also the reason I decided to pursue my interest in photography.  I bought my first “serious” camera to capture the family moments that are here today and gone tomorrow. Now we have quite a collection of albums and photos and as time passes the pictures become more and more valuable. 

It’s true that time flies!  Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the important people and times in your life.
Lewis Center, OH 43035